Synergy Consult, offers advanced outsourcing consulting services within the electronic industry. We differ from conventional sourcing advisors by having many years of “hands-on” experience and development/production activities in Asia as well as Europe. Across several key areas,  Synergy Consult goes beyond conventional outsourcing consulting firms:

Advisory team experience and expertise.

Conventional outsourcing consulting firms are well versed in a highly routine procurement process. Synergy Consult delivers far more by combining our deep inhouse expertise with our strategic partners, each being leaders in their own field. Our experience and expertise in sourcing strategy and implementation with complementary expertise in process transformation and in core business functions like market strategies, product specifications, hardware/firmware/mechanical development, project handling, production and electronic approvals.


While traditional sourcing advisors limit their focus to getting the best price for the “deal”, Synergy Consult adopts a higher focus on identifying the right outsourcing partners and thereby optimising the process performance. Synergy Consult strives for an outsourcing solution that best balances partners, expertise/know-how, efficiency, ROI and risk mitigation.

Trusted development and production partners.

With many years of “hands-on” experience in Business Development, Development, Production, Quality Assurance and Outsourcing, Synergy Consult helps the client develop long-term outsourcing provider relationships that support the client’s progress toward world-class performance.