Synergy Consult offers a wide range of consulting services for the wireless home/building automation, LED Lighting industry and general electronics. We have a high expertise in commercial as well as technical consultancy services. Consultancy services includes:

  • Market and product strategy planning
  • Product and system specification(s)
  • Development and production transfer/outsourcing (APAC and EU)
  • ODM/Development evaluation and/or recommendation
  • Milestone Project Management
  • Prototyping and high volume production
  • Quality Assurance

Synergy Consult masters commercial, technical, development and production consultancy services for all types of electronics/technologies and has a high expertise in Wireless Control/Energy Management/Home Automation System as well as LED Lighting industry. As former R&D Manager and Technical Director in Asia for Zen-sys (now Sigma Designs) we have a high knowledge and understanding of Z-Wave, all it the pitfalls and challenges developing and producing Z-Wave products.

Clients includes a range of large international companies including; Honeywell, Remotec Reitz, UEI, TrickleStar, EURO Lumex and more.

CEO, Thomas Jørgensen has 20 years experience in electronic development, production and international sales. He has an extensive knowledge and understanding of product and market planning, development, manufacturing, sales channels, project management and product/market launch. He has +15 years expertise in outsourcing electronic development and production to Asia.